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Intern with Founder

Entrepreneurship Internship Programme +

Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences


Wanna have a taste of the thrill of being an entrepreneur without necessarily starting a company?
Curious to find out what is really like to build a startup?
Searching for opportunities to sharpen your career skill?

How it works?

For HKU students

All year of study, all disciplines, UG and PG, locals and non-locals with an NOL

Intern with Founder is an entrepreneurship internship programme under CEDARS HOUSE (Hub of University Student Entrepreneurs) that helps develop students’ entrepreneurial capacities and mindset through hands-on intern opportunities with founders. The programme also builds bridges for entrepreneurial ventures to tap into the HKU talent pool. 


Students will be working closely with the founders of start‐up companies, innovation‐oriented companies, and entrepreneurial social ventures. The internship duration may range from eight weeks to one year, and can be either paid or non-paid in part‐time or full‐time mode.

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Who are the target HKU students?

The programme is open to all years, including first year and final year students who are:

  • excited, engaged or curious to know more about entrepreneurship and the startup community;

  • thinking about pursuing an entrepreneurial career;

  • ready for a steep learning curve and a "all hands on deck" working environment;

  • passionate in playing many roles that cross traditional functional areas as a matter of necessity.

What is the process of Intern with Founder?

  1. Applications open

  2. Applications close

  3. Startup interviews

  4. Offer and internship begins

  5. Inform CEDARS the Offers

  6. Internship ends and evaluation

  7. Eligible to apply for one credit under the Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences

How long is the internship period?

The Programme opens for company registration all year round. Students should stay tuned with the internship postings below and apply as soon as the internships are publicised. Internship should begin as soon as the position is offered to student. Subject to mutual agreement between the company and the student, the internship duration should be in a minimum of 8 weeks and up to 1 year, either part‐time or full‐time mode.

Is the internship paid or unpaid?

Subject to mutual agreement between the company and the student, some internships are non‐paid with allowance provided, while some internships are paid.

Keyboard and Mouse

Opportunities with Founders


SharpSight Technology Limited

UI Designer


ThingX Technologies Limited



SOCIF Limited

Marketing Assistant


SOCIF Limited

AI Engineer
(Summer Intern)



Digital marketing assistant


HairCoSys Limited

Back End Developer

Am I eligible for applying for

one credit under the Credit Award Scheme for
Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences?

No. of Interning Hours:
at least 20 hours

Both employers and students complete evaluation on internship

Students complete an online questionnaire on their job duties, learnings with self-ratings

How to apply

If you think you are eligible and wish to apply for this, please follow the 3 simple steps below:

Click the boxes to go to the respective pages

Report Job Offer

Report your offer and provide a copy of the signed internship agreement or contract

Student Evaluation

Complete the student evaluation form and self-assessment

Company Evaluation

Have your Host Company/ Organisation provide feedback to CEDARS

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