HKU Startup Job Fair 2019 Fall

5-7 November 2019 | 1230-1630 | Haking Wong Podium, HKU

Exclusive for startups, HKU Startup Job Fair 2019 Fall is a unique annual recruitment event where the spotlights are on the startups. Without getting overshadowed by large corporations, it is a chance for startups to reach out directly to our HKU current students and upcoming graduates.

The Fair aims to connect talented HKU students with new and innovative startups in the region. It is an excellent opportunity for students to find full-time, part-time and internship positions.

Do not miss the Fair this time, as the next HKU Startup Job Fair will be held in 2020 fall.

Be an Exhibitor!

700+ Attendance

No. of student visits in two days.


96.3% of the previous exhibitors thought the Event served as a good platform to promote what they are doing.

Centrally located

The Fair is held at Haking Wong Podium, which is close to the footbridge connecting the University to the MTR exit.

Free of charge

Participation in the Fair is free of charge. Exhibitors who withdraw after receiving the confirmation email will be required to pay for the counter and related cost.


Registration is required. Due to limited quota, HKU reserves the right to make final decision on allocation of the activities.

No. of exhibition days

Subject to availability, each successful registrants will be offered an exhibition counter for a maximum of two consecutive exhibition days.

Haking Wong Podium, HKU

Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU

Role of Exhibitors

  • Provide information on company / organisation background and job details

  • Arrange at least one manpower at the counter throughout the whole Fair opening hours

  • Prepare for the decoration and display materials in the counter (e.g. leaflets, souvenirs or pull-up banners)

  • Responsible for the set-up and dismantling of the display and publicity materials

  • ​​Interview area will be set up for employer use

Concurrent Sharing Sessions

Would you like to hold a sharing session during the Fair?

These 1-hour long sharing sessions aim to feature some of the most promising startups and find out how they are shaking up its sector’s norms with new innovation and filling up the market gap.

Startup Registration Timeline

Extended to 2 October 2019

Registration Deadline

8 October

Registration Result

5-7 November

HKU Startup Job Fair 2019 Fall


Previous Fairs at a glance

Feb 2016 - Feb 2019

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2 October 2019 (Wednesday)

Registration Deadline

  • Please have the following documents ready in PDF/Word/PNG/AI format (file name must start with your company / organisation name):

  • Copy of valid Certificate of Registration / Business Registration / Letter from Inland Revenue of being a charitable institution or trust of a public character

  • Company / Organization logo files in both PNG & AI formats

  • Company / Organisation profile

  • Job details (with application method and closing date)

  • For agents representing your clients, please provide relevant letter of appointment

Terms & Conditions

  1. ​CEDARS-Careers and Placement Section, HKU has the sole and absolute discretion in relation to the admission of participating companies / organisations. 

  2. All participating companies / organisations must be legally registered companies / businesses carrying on business either in Hong Kong or in their country of origin in accordance with applicable laws.

  3. The participating company / organisation warrants that the information provided in the Registration Form and all other documents submitted in connection with it shall be true, complete, and up-to-date. 

  4. The decisions of CEDARS-Careers and Placement Section, HKU on allocation of counters and/or other activities shall be final and no request for change will be entertained. 

  5. Participation at the Fair is only applicable to the company / organisation approved by CEDARS-Careers and Placement Section, HKU and shall not be transferred, assigned, sub-contracted, sub-let or shared with any third party. Any participating company / organisation who is found to have done the above will be requested to immediately withdraw from the Fair, dismantle and remove its exhibits at its own expense. 

  6. Company / organisation who withdraws after receiving the confirmation email will be required to pay for the related cost, and may have lower priority for future Startup Fair and recruitment events at HKU. 

  7. The participating company / organisation may only display exhibits and publicity materials which correspond to recruitment and/or career education for the duration of the Fair. 

  8. Publicity materials of any participating company / organisation may only be distributed from the assigned counter area. No advertising, demonstration or canvassing for business shall be carried out anywhere else outside the Fair venue. No exhibits or advertising signs shall be placed outside the confined area. 

  9. Counters must be manned by an authorized and competent representative of the participating company / organisation at all times during the assigned period. Such representative must be fully conversant with the participating company / organisation’s business. 

  10. All audio-visual equipment must not generate a noise level which cause any annoyance or inconvenience to other participating companies / organisations or visitors. 

  11. The arrangement and payment for transporting goods to and from the Fair venue, and the receiving, decorating and removing its exhibits are entirely the responsibility of the participating company / organisation. 

  12. All exhibits and publicity materials shall be moved in and removed by the corresponding company / organisation at the time limits specified. 

  13. Any exhibits or publicity materials left behind at the Fair venue shall be deemed abandoned and shall be disposed of at the end of the Fair. 

  14. CEDARS-Careers and Placement Section, HKU undertakes no financial or legal responsibility for any type of risk concerning or affecting the participating companies / organisations or visitors, their personal belongings and exhibits. 

  15. The participating company / organisation is fully liable for any loss or damage caused by an act or omission of the participating company / organisation or its agents, representatives, contractors or employees to any property of HKU or the other participating companies / organisations. 

  16. The information collected will be used for the purpose of organising the Fair only. CEDARS-Careers and Placement Section, HKU is committed to meeting internationally-recognized standards of personal data privacy protection, in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The participating company / organisation is requested to comply with the same standards of security and confidentiality, and uphold principles of personal data protection and equal opportunities.


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