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Reaching undergraduate and postgraduate students for full-time and internship positions requires a targeted approach favourable for the population. Additionally, it is important for you, the recruiters, to develop an on-going presence on campus that introduces your startup and career opportunities through different forms of presentation or interaction with students and the targeted groups. We provide a range of services for your access to our top-quality students and help you recruit the most suitable candidates.

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Job Postings - NETjobs

Exclusive Platform available only to HKU students

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Job Postings - JIJIS

Reach students from all UGC-funded  universities in Hong Kong


HKU Career Fair

Exclusive date for startup employers

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Disruptive Leader Seires

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Collaborative Programme

Entrepreneurship Workshops, Competitions etc

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Job Postings - NETjobs


If you have any job opportunities for HKU students or graduates, you are invited to post the openings using our online job board – NETjobs for free.


NETjobs is an exclusive internet job information system for HKU students and alumni ONLY. It advertises vacancies for:


  • Full-time positions

  • Part-time / temporary positions

  • Internships (e.g. winter, summer or other terms)


Click here to start using NETjobs.

Job Postings - JIJIS


JIJIS is a one-stop online job information system for employers and university students jointly offered by UGC-funded (UGC - University Grants Committee) universities in Hong Kong. You can post graduate / internship / summer and temporary positions to current students of full-time UGC-funded programmes, as well as fresh graduates of the academic year.


Click here to start using JIJIS.

HKU Startup Job Fair


HKU Startup Job Fair, appealing to all HKU students and graduates, aims to connect new and innovative startups in the region with talented HKU students. It is an excellent opportunity to recruit students for full-time, part-time and internship openings, offering startups a unique opportunity to discover and interact with our students.

It is also a great platform for igniting student's interests in challenges and excitement of working in a close-knit startup environment.​

Disruptive Leader Series


Exclusive to Startups only, the disruptive leader series welcomes startups with promising development to share the keys to their impact on shifting the business landscape in their respective field and filling up the market gap.

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Collaborative Programme


If you are not recruiting at the moment, you are invited to be our partner in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in our students by supporting some of our entrepreneurial initiatives that aim to encourage university students to transform their innovative ideas into impactful startups. 

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