HKU Startup Job Fair 2019 Fall

5-7 November 2019 | 1230-1630 |

Haking Wong Podium, HKU

HKU Startup Job Fair, open for all HKU students and graduates, aims to connect talented HKU students with new and innovative startups in the region. It is an excellent opportunity for students to find full-time, part-time and internship positions, offering students a unique opportunity to discover and interact with startups that typically rely on personal connections for hiring.


It is also a great platform for independent and entrepreneurial students to explore the challenges and excitement of working in a close-knit startup environment.

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Why come to the Fair?

48 Exhibitors

Across a wide range of industries will be present at the three-day careers event.

130 Jobs

Full-time, Part-time and Internship positions for HKU students and graduates, any disciplines and years.

3 Concurrent Sessions

Disruptive Leaders Series will be conducted during the Fair.

No Registration

Registration is not required but please bring your HKU student card for ID check.

Startup Working Experience

Explore the challenges and excitement of working in a close-knit startup environment. A startup internship experience will be a great addition to your future CV.


Discover and interact with startups that typically rely on personal connections for hiring. Make an impression before applying for a position.

Haking Wong Podium, HKU

Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU
Haking Wong Podium, HKU
HKU Startup Job Fair 2019 Fall Floor Plan

List of Exhibitors & Job Openings

Day 1: 5 November 2019

Prime House Enterprises Limited

Counter 01

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A multi-functional one-stop venue providing venue rental, team building, food and beverage, and event management services.

Trustme Chain Corporation Limited

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Regtics Limited

Counter 05


Regtics Limited is a startup incorporating big data analytics, AI into compliance solutions for meeting the needs of compliance professionals.

Ark Data Tech Limited

Counter 06


Ark DT is your data poet. We create exciting stories for enterprises from their data using AI-driven analytics, visualization and mobile platforms.

Applied Technology Group Ltd.

Counter 09

atg logo-red_7.png

Applied Technology Group is a high-spirit startup company founded in 2017, we develop a next-generation clinical solution for healthcare industry. 

Teach For Hong Kong

Counter 10


We are a non-profit startup fighting for education equity. We find graduates to teach at underprivileged schools to be future leaders of influence.

RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited

Counter 13

RaSpect company logo(en)-01_0.png

RaSpect is AI-powered predictive inspection company for architecture, building a "brain" of architectural safety.

EntreLink Limited

Counter 14

Entrelink logo_f-02.png

EntreLink is a NPO run by startup founders. Together we strive to create a sustainable new economy for present and future generations.

Hush Home

Counter 03

HushHome Logo_0.png

Love sleeping? So do we. Hush Home is a new digital brand transforming people's well-being through insanely comfortable mattresses and bedding.

Counter 04

EasyTrack Ltd定稿 BLUE.png

Next generation AI-based automation platform for accounting and legal firms.

Customindz Limited

Counter 07

New CZ logo - only logo_1.png

Our computer solution helps construction companies and manufacturers to automate the monitoring to improve operation and safety.  

Dayta AI Limited

Counter 08


Dayta utilises AI to help retailers collect & analyse in-store data, allowing our clients to grow their business smartly with data-backed decisions. 

HoHo Living Technology Limited

Counter 11


We are focus on IoT and AI technology, first project is HoHoCare system to protect health and safety of users, especially the elderly home.

Social Face HK Limited

Counter 12


Social Face HK Limited

Social Face HK Limited is a Startup and an artificial intelligence science innovation enterprise.

Farseer Limited

Counter 15


Farseer is an AI-powered smart investment analytics platform with cloud & API solutions around risk management.


Counter 16

Arical - Center Logo - Black.png


Arical optimises real estate investment, development and architectural designs with AI, on a vision to improve people’s living quality.

Day 2: 6 November 2019


Counter 01

Kristal.AI_Brand (Revised)_1.png

Kristal.AI is an SFC licensed AI-powered Virtual Fund Manager.


Counter 02


Apoidea Group is an AI-driven automated financial media company.

Jumpstart Media Limited

Counter 05

Jumpstart-Media-Logo copy_1.jpg

As a platform that connects Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, we publish Jumpstart Magazine, a leading voice for covering startups in the region.

Reform Marketing Limited

Counter 06

Reform new Logo_3.png

We offer a full range of advertising solutions for customers to help them find more business opportunities and maximize their advertising returns.

kubid research

Counter 09

kubid logo_0.png

kubid research

We develop and apply innovative Bayesian models to forecast and make decision in financial markets


Counter 10



The first licensed capsule hotel in Hong Kong;
 The most technologically integrated capsule hotel in Asia.

Counter 13

remo logo_1000_0.png

Remo helps creators and event organisers create immersive “almost-VR" online events right from your browser where users can connect with each other. 

Fano Labs Limited

Counter 14

Fano Logo-PNG_0.png

An AI startup specialises in speech, natural language processing (NLP) and big data technologies to help enterprises with the customer services.

eCup HK Limited

Counter 03


eCup is the leading coffee App in Hong Kong which digitalise the entire coffee ordering journey and promote coffee culture in different age groups.  

Oursky Limited

Counter 04

oursky limited logo_0.png

An engineering-driven software studio which builds digital products with, an open-source serverless platform for secure web/mobile apps.

Miracle Operations Limited / fylp App

Counter 07


fylp - find your language partner - A Social App for language learners using smart technology to learn from each other. Download the app "fylp". 


Counter 08

Fintonium Logo with Name(Vector)_0.png

Fintonium is a company focusing on building a Smart Learning Aggregation Platform Providing AI Driven Assistive Trading and Visualization Analytics.

QFpay Haojin Fintech Limited

Counter 11

錢方QFPay_繁體 W-01_1.png

E-payment - WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Float Hong Kong Limited

Counter 12


A modern designed event yacht, which provides the most special boating experience.


Counter 15

Starling Labs Limited_Shopline

SHOPLINE is a global omni-channel e-commerce enabler that helps merchants with their commerce strategy.

Wonderkin Limited