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The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has set up the STEM Internship Scheme to encourage students to gain innovation and technology (I&T) related work experience during their studies and to foster their interest in pursuing a career in I&T after graduation.

To support this strategic initiative, CEDARS-Careers and Placement is rolling out a series of practical training workshops and individual coaching sessions for eligible students targeting at various stages of their internship journey to address their demand for guidance and support in preparing for their internship application as well as capitalising on their learning experience ready for embarking on their career journey after graduation.  


Undergraduate and Postgraduate students studying in one of the STEM programmes are eligible

Remark: The training and coaching services is NOT a prerequisite for applying and joining the STEM Internship Scheme, however, eligible students are highly recommended to sign up for the training workshop and coaching sessions to get better prepared and increase chance of success in their internship application, as well as to optimise their learning experience during the internship and future career.

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STEM Internship Scheme

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