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What is GATA?

GraduAction Talent Academy (GATA)

is a structured programme designed for final year undergraduate students to develop their knowledge and transferable skills for their graduate employability and future career development. It will be a 2.5-day boot camp of practical workshops, seminars, mock assessment centre and individual coaching led by professional consultants and coaches.

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Objectives of GATA

  • Support final year undergraduate students in strengthening their self-awareness, marketability and employability in preparing and embarking on their graduate job application​

  • Equip students with essential knowledge and skills to integrate smoothly and professionally into the workplace after graduation

GATA Boot Camp
1st Semester, 2022-23

Succeeding in Grad Job Application & Assessment Centre

Day 1

Practical Training Workshop & Seminar

24 Sep 2022 (Sat)


Day 2

Assessment Centre

8 Oct 2022 (Sat)


Day 3

Practical Training Workshop & Seminar

22 Oct 2022 (Sat)


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* Students will be given assignments on CV writing and mock video interview before Day 1 of the boot camp.

Individual Career Coaching

personal &
career interest

potential opportunities

Prepare for
CV & Interview

Get ready for grad job

* ONLY students who have attended the WHOLE boot camp are eligible for Individual Career Coaching.

* Limited quota is available for Individual Career Coaching on a first-come-first-served basis.





*ONLY undergraduate students who have attended the WHOLE boot camp and submitted all required assignments are eligible to apply for the credit 

Enrolment for GATA Boot Camp
1st Semester, 2022-23

Notes for Enrolment:

  • The whole GATA programme will be conducted at campus in English.

  • Only undergraduate students graduating in 2023 will be accepted.

  • You will receive a confirmation email if your enrolment is accepted. 

  • Enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis. When the quota is full, the enrolment form will be closed.

  • More details will be provided to enrolled participants through email.

  • To be eligible for the one-hour Individual Career Coaching, please make sure you have 100% attendance and participation in the WHOLE boot camp.

  • You have to fulfil the completion requirement (attendance in the WHOLE boot camp, and submission of all required assignments) to be eligible to apply for one credit in the Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences for undergraduate students.

  • Enrolled participants who fail to complete the programme may be put in a lower priority for future programme enrolment.

  • As quota is limited, you are encouraged to enrol as soon as possible.

Enrolment Deadline: 18 Sep 2022 (Sun)

Application Closed
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