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Frequently Asked

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  • How do I know if I am suitable for joining Coachiever?
    You are welcome to join Coachiever if you want to receive tailored guidance and support in defining your career goals. Our professional coaches can also help you tackle internship or workplace challenges if you are facing or have encountered any of them.
  • Can first year undergraduate students or postgraduate students join Coachiever?
    Yes, Coachiever is open to all full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students of any year or major of studies.
  • What is the difference between Coachiever’s personalised career coaching and the One-on-One Career Advising Service?
    The personalised career coaching in Coachiever is a guided process to help you improve in the areas of: (1) self-awareness and exploration; (2) career planning and goal setting; and (3) internship or workplace challenges. Students looking for career advice out of the above areas (e.g. CV review, interview preparation) should use the One-on-One Career Advising Service.
  • What are the prerequisites for booking the coaching sessions in Coachiever?
    You must attend “Workshop 1: Activate your Self-exploration & Career Planning” and complete the worksheets given at the workshop before booking the 1st coaching session; and you must complete both “Workshop 1” and “Workshop 2: CV & Interview Essentials” before booking the 2nd coaching session.
  • Why is there an Optional Workshop? Who should attend this workshop?
    The Optional Workshop of “Know Yourself – Exercises to discover you” aims at helping students reflect on themselves through some simple exercises. The findings will enable you to know yourself better and facilitate your career planning and future job interviews. You are welcome to join the workshop if you find it hard to tell your own values, interests, skills, etc.
  • I am only interested in one of the three workshops, can I skip the others?"
    All the training workshops are designed to give you basic knowledge before going for the coaching. You are encouraged to attend both Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 as well as the Optional Workshop so that you have better ideas on the topics and are able to focus on more in-depth items during the coaching sessions.
  • The schedule of workshop(s) in the current intake clashes with my lectures, what can I do?"
    You are welcome to sign up the workshop(s) scheduled for the next intake. Please stay tuned to our updates on this website.
  • How can I make booking for the coaching sessions?
    You will receive an email notification one week after you have fulfilled the workshop attendance requirements for the coaching. You can then log on to the booking system with your HKU Portal to view the available coaching time slots and make the booking.
  • How can I know if my coaching appointment is confirmed or not?
    A confirmation email will be sent to you if your booking is successful. You can always log on to the booking system to check the status of your booking. You are reminded to make the commitment to attend the appointment once it is confirmed.
  • What do I need to prepare before attending the coaching session?
    You will receive two worksheets during Workshop 1. The worksheets will guide you through the process of reflecting on yourself and getting prepared for the coaching session. To benefit most from the coaching, you should complete both worksheets and upload them to the booking system when you book the 1st coaching session. The coach will refer to your answers in the worksheets during the coaching process.
  • Is there any time limit for me to make booking for the coaching sessions?
    Yes, you must book the 1st coaching session within 3 months after attending Workshop 1. For the 2nd coaching session, you are encouraged to make booking after completing Workshop 2 and within the academic year of your intake. You are not allowed to make booking after the specified period.
  • The coach whom I want to meet is fully booked, what can I do?"
    There will be new coaching time slots uploaded to the booking system every two weeks. You can check and make the booking at a later time.
  • Can I choose different coaches for my 1st and 2nd coaching sessions?
    You are not given this option as there are coherence between the 1st and the 2nd coaching sessions. You will benefit most by meeting the same coach in the two sessions for personalised guidance.
  • I am eager to meet the coach again after my 2nd coaching session, can I do that?"
    Currently two coaching sessions are offered to each student in Coachiever, with an objective to have more students benefited from the personalised career coaching.
  • I have already completed all the three workshops and the two coaching sessions, can I apply to join the next intake for more coaching sessions?"
    With limited quota available, each student is expected to join Coachiever one time only throughout their study programme.
  • What is the quota for each intake?
    The quota of each intake varies and an average of 50 students will be accepted each time.
  • When will be the next intake?
    Coachiever accepts applications on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Please stay tuned to our updates about the next intake on this website.
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