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Apply to Join

Coachiever offers limited quota for each intake on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. You can submit application to join the programme before the deadline of each intake.


Attend Workshop 1

Sign up and attend Workshop 1: Activate your Self-exploration & Career Planning  before you can book the 1st coaching session. You should complete the worksheets given at the workshop before attending the 1st coaching session.


Book & Complete
1st Coaching

Book your 1st coaching session with one of our professional coaches through the booking system one week after completion of Workshop 1 and the worksheets. Booking should be made by the end of June 2022 for Apr 2022 Intake participants. Fill in a feedback form at the system after the 1st coaching.


Attend Workshop 2

Attend Workshop 2: CV & Interview Essentials  before you can book the 2nd coaching session. You are welcome to join the Optional Workshop if you are interested in it. You can also sign up the workshop(s) scheduled for the next intake if you can't attend those arranged for your intake.


Book & Complete
2nd Coaching

Book your 2nd coaching session with the same coach of your 1st session one week after completion of Workshop 2. Booking should be made within the academic year of your intake. Fill in a feedback form at the system after the 2nd coaching.


Share your Feedback

Give your overall feedback towards the Coachiever programme to help us improve it.

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